Elena Geer

22-08-2012 15:47
Hi, i am a really big fan. You guys are amazing at what you do. I am from Russia. And all of you guys have inspired me.

Дмитрий Шамрай

22-08-2012 14:05
написал малую поэму,посвятил Алие Мустафиной, пытаюсь ей электронно быстро и легко переслать, но мои сообщения на фэйс-бук приняли за фальшивку, а я просто не знаю: как лучше добраться до её внимания, может как-нибудь поможете? я обескуражен…

Sam Daniels

20-08-2012 11:13
Viktoria is the best and I love her

Laura Abreu

14-08-2012 21:11
Hello Viktoria, Aliya, Ksenia, and others! i love youo girls! you were great in London! Non Russian Girl, Cheering up the RUSSIA (L) with love, Laura!

Evan Cassidy

12-08-2012 0:00
To me viktoria komova and Aliya mustafina are amazing. I have to be their number one fan because all I think about them. They are beautiful and talented. I live in the USA and I really look up to them


10-08-2012 20:32
Viktoria Komova Maria Paseka Aliya Mustafina were so amazing!

Richard Stockstad

06-08-2012 22:41
Denis, I look forward to see you in Rio. I admire your courage to push the performance to its limit. I believe honestly that your moment is in front of you. I am just a fan. Good Luck.


06-08-2012 13:21
Denis is amazing. I wish him all the best! Best regards from Republic of Srpska :)


05-08-2012 21:34
Watching London 2012.Maria Paseka on the vault,beautiful! Very nice technique and form,we are enjoying watching these summer olympics.Best of luck!

Brandon uit Amerika

04-08-2012 22:04
Denis, I just realised that I could write here! I said happy birthday on time, but if you never received it, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Also, I will be around London soon. I would LOOOVE it if the Russian Artistic Gymnastics Team made a public appearance for their many fans (including me!)! Whatever the case, everyone do your best! Denis, I will be cheering as hard as I can for you in your final competitions!!!!!!

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