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Фото: EPA

Фото: EPA

On Friday at the world championships in gymnastics , which takes place in Antwerp, Belgium , will be awarded medals in the women’s all-around. Of the Russians will come to the platform Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina and tournament newcomer Anna Rodionova . Simon won the qualification American Beals . MUSTAFINA showed the fifth result . “Novye Izvestia” talked with the leader of our team.

- Alia , hard go to the start , knowing that only hope for you?

- What is the World Cup , I already know well , it is difficult to discover something new. But now the situation is very difficult . We were supposed to play here four, but in the end Masha Apiary not go to Antwerp, and Tanya Nabiyeva performed only two shells . In fact , just me and Anna Rodionova remained. Unusual act in such a small format. And for girls hurt. Very . But we must try.

- On one of the last open training on ” Round Lake “, organized by the sponsor gymnastics Russian Federation and the current World Cup – VTB , you even before the journalists did not conceal irritation due to failure of the element.

- When you realize that a serious start on the line , and you suddenly something does not work , it is difficult to control emotions . While I understand and everything always turns out simply can not , but I still worry every time . But that’s okay .

- Rodionova you as a more experienced person assists the Board ?

- Of course . Say that most have experienced when I arrived at his first world championship . Most importantly – do not think that something can not happen. When you already performed , you have no chance of help or support. There you have a shell , there is a green light – to go and do……..