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07.12.2013, 08:39 | Gregory Anastasin

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Silver medalist Anastasia Grishina of London in an interview , “Gazeta.ru” told about how the sport is life after the main start of four years .

Summer Olympic season was history . Winter – a perfect time to work on the bugs , programming and licking wounds , of which over a period of four years the main start accumulated big set. December itself absolutely no pleasure in conversations about gymnastics , but the first month of winter is well suited to meet Anastasia Grishina , silver medalist of the Olympic Games in London.

- Anastasia , how was the season after the London Olympics , where you won a silver medal in the team competition ?

- When we got back to Moscow , the whole team was released on holiday : recover, recover from injuries and deal with the problems that have accumulated . A month later we went back to the training process . It focuses on the restoration and preparation of new programs. Almost to the end , I did not go out to the competition , since so much time has been spent to bring the physical and moral condition in order.

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- The first tournament for you after the break was the Moscow championship in January . What was the problem in these competitions ?

- It was very important to test your strength again on the platform , as well as in combat mode run- start the new program. Naturally, the coaches do not set the task to win at any cost. Had to speak for themselves and without regard to the prospects tournament . I spoke at a number of shells, which deliberately did not prepare . This decision was made by the coaches a few days before launch.

- What is the goal in front of you put Victor Razumovsky , personal trainer, the championship of Russia ?

- It was a qualifying tournament of the European Championship , which was held in Moscow. The main task that faced me was working out stability. It was necessary to bring to the ideal competitive program. Honestly, during a speech I made some mistakes, but overall we were pleased with the result .

- How did you prepare to house the European Championships ?

- On the eve of the tournament calendar, there have been several international competitions , all the girls were assigned to different tournaments. In a few weeks we purposefully prepared for Olympic base coaches gave us a few control training , which resulted in head coach Andrei Rodionenko determined the composition . At the European Championships required of us to show good results .