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Aliya Mustafina from Moscow won the all-around at the Russian Championship , which takes place in Penza.

According to the results of exercise on four apparatuses girl in the amount gained 59.566 points.

Silver and bronze medals as well on account of the Moscow gymnasts. Second place went to Alla Sosnitskaya , earned 58,067 points, the third step of the podium rose Anastasia Grishina – 56.467 .

According to Aliya Mustafina , successful performance gave her confidence .

” This victory gave me to understand that I stay after beginning to get in shape . It is very good . Need to prepare for the European Championships . I have not forgotten how to be collected at the event. I just go out and realize that all you need to do right now . Very pleased to have won . Manages to be the best in Russia . Very happy for the other girls who are also trying to hike up . Before the championship trained for two months – quietly , gradually , “- she said.

In turn, the head coach of the Russian gymnastics Rodionenko Andrew noted that the results in all-around were quite expected .

“Nothing special. The girls performed at their level. Was to test readiness. Especially first start this year at all. Serves the whole team . Gymnasts who works in the all-around among themselves understood. This is normal . Until there are no problems . Everything was okay , “- he added.