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Moscow hosted the European Championships in artistic gymnastics . Been played 12 sets of medals . Team Russia won the confidence in the team event , winning 10 medals – six gold and four bronze . Speech by the Russians on the home continent championship special correspondent of the Agency of sport information “All Sport” commented Mary Vorobevoj senior coach of Russia Valentina Rodionenko .
- Speech of the Russian national team at the European Championships can be considered successful , – said Valentine Rodionenko . – It has been a busy first start post-Olympic season. Certainly , there are moments on which we are working. Let not all gymnasts tried new sophisticated program , but who was – did. However, on past successes can keep ahead of new starts , we’re already thinking about the July Universiade and the main start of the season – September World Cup. Our team definitely has something to work on .
- Squad for the Universiade already clear?
- Yes , the selection of the Universiade was held at the Russian Championships in March – when athletes were selected and the European championship in Kazan . And for traveling to the World Cup athletes will compete at the Cup of Russia , which is scheduled for August.
- All athletes who performed at the European Championships , will travel to Kazan?
- Yes, except Anastasia Grishina . Nastya is not yet a student – just this year finished school . And the rest of the guys and girls – students already , so they will be able to perform in Kazan.
- European champion in the floor exercise Xenia Afanseva could not get into the final round events . She expressed a desire to act in this discipline ?
- Yes, well done Ksenia floor exercise , here it has no complaints . But we wanted it to be passed around, because it is her strength. Primarily, it was the decision itself Afanasevoj . Initially, we were counting on her two exercises – voluntary and log. But when she felt that she had to add – for example, invited to perform more advanced vault , we began to ask questions: Why do not you try the all-around ? And despite Ksyushi misses the finals of the European Championship , we will continue working in this direction.
- European Championship became a happy accident on Anastasia Grishina for . Due to an error on the bars Afanasevoj she reached the final decathlon . Then hit the finals on balance beam and in the floor when weighed other participants . And in the end did not miss a chance to precipitate – won two bronze medals. We can say that working with a new coach Viktor Razumovsky borne fruit ?
- I would not say so. On the continental championship Grishina not show anything new. Even the contrary, some shells simplified – she did all their complexity in the floor exercise , and the boards are not yet fully restored program. Hard to say what is the fruit of a new collaboration . But with age comes to an athlete a different understanding of gymnastics, and the championship was evident that Nastya strengthened. And time will tell , as an athlete and coach will deal further. Nastia is required complicate bars, floor exercise , beam . Work – no end !
- But after these medals Grishina will be much easier to build complexity – at least psychologically?
- Certainly. The truth now Nastia aches periosteum . But when there is no injury , she calmly and confidently towards complication. And until today Grishina restored even that program , which had before.
- Why it failed to restore its complexity?
- Most likely, interfere age features also prevent injury. Moreover , the body of each individual athlete : a little more than jumped – and then began to ache periosteum . Through it all took place , we have almost all the girls were tormented with the periosteum . Nastia began denser load before the European Championship , and she immediately started to complain – even performed with bandaged legs………..