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Moscow hosted the European Championships in artistic gymnastics . Been played 12 sets of medals . Team Russia won the confidence in the team event , winning 10 medals – six gold and four bronze . Speech by the Russians on the home continent championship special correspondent of the Agency of sport information “All Sport” commented Mary Vorobevoj senior coach of Russia Valentina Rodionenko .
- Speech of the Russian national team at the European Championships can be considered successful , – said Valentine Rodionenko . – It has been a busy first start post-Olympic season. Certainly , there are moments on which we are working. Let not all gymnasts tried new sophisticated program , but who was – did. However, on past successes can keep ahead of new starts , we’re already thinking about the July Universiade and the main start of the season – September World Cup. Our team definitely has something to work on .
- Squad for the Universiade already clear?
- Yes , the selection of the Universiade was held at the Russian Championships in March – when athletes were selected and the European championship in Kazan . And for traveling to the World Cup athletes will compete at the Cup of Russia , which is scheduled for August.
- All athletes who performed at the European Championships , will travel to Kazan?
- Yes, except Anastasia Grishina . Nastya is not yet a student – just this year finished school . And the rest of the guys and girls – students already , so they will be able to perform in Kazan.
- Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina starred with floor exercises , referring to the operated knee . How it feels now?
- It is absolutely normal condition. We just need to take care of Alia , take care of her lap , because after such a major operation , she suffered her burden was unreasonable . And it was primarily a desire athletes – she asked for a replacement. And Anastasia Grishina gladly acted in another final, it was a little bit easier , because there was such a load . Still , Mustafina won the all-around and spent a lot of physical and psychological forces. It had to keep .
- The general direction of the Russian team clear?
- Absolutely all team members need to have a complication programs. You can go with a simple combination , but if you want to win , and set all the pace, you need to constantly go to the complications. Pretty much done now, especially in light of the new rules. But in the future we are familiar, one might even say , routine work to improve combinations.
- When athletes present more complex programs ?
- By the Universiade someone adds complexity in combination. But do not misunderstand – we can not add complexity to the detriment of stability , everything will be reasonable in the redistribution . Miracles do not happen – each athlete has a workpiece at a given projectile , he works on , and waiting for the right moment to insert them in combination. Already, athletes could come up with the most complex programs , but they are free to decide . And if there is no confidence , stability in the performance of new items – they simply do not put.
- If you compare the program Russian gymnasts with world leaders – we have a chance to fight and stay ahead of them?
- The chances of us is always there. In the women’s program, we have American leaders , and we give them not so much. Should not even be a shadow of doubt that we will deal with them ! American traditionally inferior to us on the uneven bars . And now we are working to strengthen the position – Building vault ; raise stability, quality and pace of execution combinations on the beam ; improve acrobatics on the floor exercise