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Olympic gymnastics champion Aliya Mustafina Russian woman, who took second place in the ranking of the most successful athletes of the last year in a conversation with the Information Agency “F-Sport” Veronica Stolbunova told about life outside of sports, controversy with the coach and his main supporters.

- Alia, in the compilation of “R-Sport” rating you take second place. As you are such a decision the experts?

- In fact, pleasantly surprised.

- Your main rivals are Evgenia Kanaeva has won first place, and Maria Sharapova, who went to third. What can you say about them?

- I think it is very true that Jack won, because she is very beautiful, and as a person, I know her, she is very good. Well, about Maria Sharapova me nothing much to say.

- What is your life outside of gymnastics?

- In fact, it is not: we do all day, all the time in the room, three training sessions a day. Therefore, there is no time specified, and the forces too.


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August 15, 2012. Russian President Vladimir Putin at the opening ceremony of presenting state awards to Russian Olympic team in the Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. Right – Olympic gymnastics champion Aliya Mustafina.

- But you may have encountered with your friends?

- Yes, it happens, but very rarely.

- And do you have any hobbies, hobby?

- No, there is no such special. Sport takes all the power.

- Maybe some kind of relationship there?

- No comments (laughs).

- Who is your main fan?

- This is my dad.

- So is your dad, and brought you into gymnastics, right? Goes with you on all the competition?

- Yes. He especially does not go to the competition, but I think it is sick and going through as I am.

- The Pope has often criticized? To criticism of it?

- Criticism is not often, but when something speaks, I listen, of course.

- And whose opinion in the sports world for you important?

- Probably, in this case, the view of my coach (Alexander Alexandrov).

- How have you formed a relationship with him? Disputes are?

- Of course, no dispute in any way. Now lately it clean. Without controversy anywhere, but good work.

- It happens that appeals to the coach for life advice?


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Russia’s Aliya Mustafina, who won a bronze medal in the floor exercise in women, during the awards ceremony at the XXX Olympic Games in London.

- No, I did not.

- Aliya, you think that after the Olympic Games in London you grew up? 18 years old for you is considered an adult?

- I personally do not notice. Maybe from the outside, but I did not tell anybody. Do not know: eighteen and eighteen.

- You are often compared with Svetlana Khorkina. As you are such a comparison?

- Compare – let compare. But I, roughly speaking, I do not find anything to do.

- Do you have sports idols growing up?

- No, never.

- Did you ever get away from racing?

- One time I was so: I do not have a given ratio to the first coach (Dina Kamalova), then I thought to finish, but after walking into the room a couple of weeks, I realized that it was not an option.

- How do you find a motivated and tune in to start?

- Attitude – normal and fighting. We must go out and do all nice and good.

- That is not even any of the ritual?

- No, no.

- Alia, thank you for the interview and good luck for the upcoming launch in Penza.

- Thank you.

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